Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA)

Leadership International 2023

Date: 11 - 13 August 2023

Location: The Connaught Hotel, Galway, Ireland
Registration cost – $350 (including food and stay for 2 nights – Friday & Saturday)

Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) committee offers an incredible opportunity for its members through the YEA Leadership International (YLI) program. This transformative three-day event focuses on honing leadership and communication skills while fostering a deeper understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses. With limited spots available each year, the YLI program has garnered immense praise from participants, benefiting them both personally and professionally. Moreover, ASHRAE’s commitment to inclusivity ensures that the program is held in different regions, providing accessible and tailored experiences for its members. 

The YLI program, organized by ASHRAE, is designed to empower young professionals by nurturing their soft skills. Recognizing the importance of effective leadership and communication within the industry, YLI offers participants a unique opportunity to refine these abilities. The facilitators, well-versed in the industry and aligned with ASHRAE’s philosophies, provide invaluable insights and guidance to attendees.

ASHRAE’s YEA Leadership International program is an invaluable opportunity for young professionals seeking to enhance their leadership and communication skills. With its focus on personal and professional development, tailored experiences, and affordable pricing, the YLI program has proven to be a game-changer for YEA members. By participating in this transformative event, young professionals can unlock their potential, gain valuable industry insights, and foster meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. Don’t miss out on the chance to take your career to new heights. Register for ASHRAE’s YEA Leadership International program today and embark on a journey of growth and success.

Limites spots are available – Register now to secure your place.