Managing HVAC Systems to Reduce Infectious Disease Transmission

On Thursday 16th July 2020, ASHRAE Ireland was honoured to welcome Prof. William Bahnfleth, Chair of ASHRAE\’s Epidemic Task Force, to the third instalment of our COVID-19 Technical Seminar Series. The presentation covered a wide range of topics on HVAC-related infection control, and outlining practical guidance for the management of buildings and HVAC systems. Crucially, the guidance generally follows the precautionary principle – “One should take reasonable measures to avoid threats that are serious and plausible.”

“A Data-driven COVID-19 Response Framework for Global Workplaces”

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major short-term impact on workplaces, as people work from home or are unable to work. However, the virus will continue to impact workplaces even as lockdowns ease, since new measures to protect workers’ health must be implemented. The health-promoting aspects of buildings have always been important to our long- and short-term health, wellbeing, comfort, and productivity. The pandemic has sharpened minds to the immediate and catastrophic impacts of building design and operation on disease transmission.