ASHRAE 202-2024 Standard 202-2024 — The Commissioning Process Requirements for New Buildings and New Systems (ANSI Approved; IES Co-sponsored)

The Commissioning Process (Cx) is a quality-focused process for enhancing project delivery. Cx begins at project inception and continues for the life of the facility.
ASHRAE Standard 202 describes the overall minimum Cx necessary to provide a uniform, integrated, and consistent approach for delivering projects and to provide information for operating facilities that meet the Owner’s Project Requirements. This standard also describes the general requirements for a training program for continued successful system and assembly performance.

The revised 2024 edition includes:
✅ Revised Title, Purpose, and Scope to clarify the standard applies to new buildings and new systems within existing buildings
✅ Requirements for what the Cx Provider must provide for Owner review and acceptance when initiating Cx
✅ Clarity to Construction Phase activity requirements
✅ Ongoing Cx requirements related to new construction
✅ Clarification of Preliminary Cx Report vs. Final Cx Report

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