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Shaping Tomorrow's Built Environment Today
June 27, 2024
Under a proposed rule, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would extend the date for the installation of some variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. Current regulations require that the installation of new VRF systems that use HFCs with a GWP of 700 or more cease after January 1, 2026. However, the proposed rule would extend this compliance date to January 1, 2027, provided that the components were manufactured in the US or imported prior to the original 2026 deadline. Read the pre-publication version of the proposed rule
Glentauchers distillery in Speyside, Scotland, uses a simplified version of heat-pump technology to harness the waste heat generated by the distillation process in order to cut down on emissions. The technology at play in this energy-saving and carbon-cutting project is a mechanical vapor recompression system, which takes vapor that’s not quite hot enough to do work needed in an industrial facility and uses electrical energy to compress it. Read more
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have come up with a new way to store energy inside a modified concrete by turning a mix of water, cement and carbon black, a highly conductive material used in the manufacturing of car tires, into a supercapacitor. While supercapacitors aren't as good at long-term energy storage compared to lithium-ion batteries, they can be charged and discharged quickly, making them an intriguing complement to conventional batteries. Read more
Andy Pearson, Ph.D., C.Eng., Fellow ASHRAE, joins ASHRAE Journal Technical Editor Rebecca Matyasovski to discuss the upheaval in which scientist Sadi Carnot performed his work for the science we now call “thermodynamics.” Read the accompanying feature article from the June 2024 issue of ASHRAE Journal here.
Data Center Energy Compliance Strategies in Hot Climates With Hamed Yassaghi
ASHRAE Journal
By Tyler Larkin, P.E., Tracy Steward and Thom Anderson, P.E.
Built in 1903, the Ingalls Building in Cincinnati, Ohio, is recognized as the first concrete-reinforced high-rise building in the world. This article covers the sustainable building design of the 2020 renovation and hotel conversion of the building. Download here
ASHRAE introduced its newly installed 2024-25 Society president, executive committee officers and directors. M. Dennis Knight, P.E., BEMP, Fellow Life Member ASHRAE, will serve as the 2024-25 Society president. During his inaugural address, Knight introduced the theme for the 2024-25 Society Year, “Empowering Our Workforce: Building a Sustainable Future.”  Additionally, ASHRAE recognized the contributions of members to the Society and the built environment industry during an Honors and Awards program at the conference.  Read more
In Case You Missed It
A recent house listing on Zillow has homebuyers scratching their heads but may prove tempting to a data center company that wants to relocate to the heart of a Dallas, Texas suburb. The $2.4 million property, masquerading as a 5,786 ft2 McMansion style family home, has no bedrooms, one bathroom and an immersion liquid cooling system inside. The property listing includes all of its cooling and power infrastructure, including single-phase liquid immersion cooling tanks for use with dielectric coolant, with pumps and a 500kW dry cooler. The tanks are currently filled with at least 80 mining computers visible from the photos, though they can be configured to fit more machines. Read more
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