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May 15, 2024
Have you ever wished there was a way to more easily connect with ASHRAE members like you? As part of his 2024-2025 Society theme, incoming ASHRAE President Dennis Knight has created an initiative to expand and simplify the process of connecting members by launching "Member Resource Groups." Groups are formed to connect people with the same self-defined attributes and interests such as professionals with young families, first-time members, small firm professionals, language preference (Spanish, French, etc.), race, religion, community service, environmental concerns, wellness, ASHRAE industry classification and other attributes. Read more
The ASHRAE India Chapter’s Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) weekend, ASCENT 1.0, marked a milestone in the chapter’s history as it hosted its inaugural event dedicated to fostering learning and camaraderie among its members. Held recently, ASCENT 1.0 witnessed a convergence of budding professionals and seasoned experts, making it an enriching experience for all involved. Read more
Progression of Energy Efficiency Regulations on Fans
Join Journal Managing Editor Kelly Barraza and guests Christian Taber and Michael Ivanovich as they discuss how the fans and blowers industry has evolved in recent years. Key talking points will include the progression of energy efficiency regulations on fans, ASHRAE Standard 90.1, large diameter ceiling and circulating fans, drives, and commercial and industrial applications of the technology.
Progression of Energy Efficiency Regulations on Fans
Michael Ivanovich, Member ASHRAE, and Christian Taber, BEMP, HBDP, Member ASHRAE
How can we keep skyscrapers warm and cool? How do solar panels take energy from the sun? For an upcoming episode of ASHRAE Journal Podcast, we’re opening the floor to the inquisitive children of our ASHRAE members. Submit their engineering questions to be answered by Danielle Passaglia, P.E., author of Lucy’s Engineering Adventure and Lucy Goes Green. Please email questions to podcast@ashrae.org with the subject line: Ask an Engineer! Read more
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ASHRAE Endorsed Conferences & Events
Because of the impact that COVID-19 is having on conferences, please check each conference’s website for the most up-to-date information.
Abstracts for papers for CLIMA 2025, the 15th REHVA HVAC World Congress, are due July 31, 2024. The conference will be held June 4-6, 2025, in Milan, Italy. Organized by AiCARR, the theme for this international conference is “Decarbonized, healthy and energy conscious buildings in future climates," and seeks to provide atteendees international discussion and collaboration on achieving decarbonization goals without compromising indoor health. Conference organizers are seeking papers related to new HVAC components and systems, HVAC impact on comfort and health of occupants and operators, breakthrough design approaches for minimizing HVAC carbon footprint and options for mitigating the impact of building energy consumption on future climate changes, among several other topics. Read more
Since 1972, Herrick Labs has hosted the premier international conferences on compressor engineering, refrigeration, air-conditioning and high performance buildings. This year, the conferences will be held from July 15-18, 2024 at Purdue in West Lafayette, Indiana. More than 800 industry experts from 30 countries come to Purdue University to present cutting-edge research, exchange ideas, do some personal networking and tour the amazing facilities of Herrick Labs. Read more
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