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Introducing the 2024 ASHRAE CIDCO Showdown!
Sign up now to participate in the first ever ASHRAE CIDCO Showdown, a highlight of the Conference for Integrated Design, Construction & Operations (CIDCO).
The CIDCO Showdown offers participants the opportunity to collaborate and compete on teams using integrated Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools, processes and strategies to design, construct and operate the competition’s proposed model building.
This year’s proposed model building is a mixed use, multilevel medium-sized office building located at 8710 Hague Road, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46256 (the conference city!). Teams will complete to design all major building systems including the building enclosure, HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, water heating, plug loads, and any on-site renewable or other energy systems.
The competition emphasizes creativity, teamwork, and an integrated BIM design process to achieve a holistic design that purposefully considers all spatial, environmental, and human factors.
The deadline to sign up is Wednesday, February 28, 2024.
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