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Why ASHRAE Training? The dynamic nature of the HVAC industry necessitates that engineers are constantly in the loop of what industry practices are.
Two-Part Course | 28-29 Feb (3-6 PM UAE)
Most commonly used ASHRAE Standard! Indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of the most discussed aspects of building indoor environmental quality (IEQ). IAQ has direct effects on our health as well as the perception of an acceptable indoor environment. Learn the minimum acceptable requirements for buildings IAQ. The course focuses on the basic requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2019.
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Two-Part Course | 4-5 Mar (3-6 PM UAE)
The training focuses on the VRF design process, including load profile, analysis, and ventilation air strategy. Among other course features is a review of refrigerant piping design, unit sizing, and system monitoring/controls.
Course Objectives:
  • Provide an overview of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system technology, theory, and operation.
  • Discuss consideration for design and application of VRF systems in buildings.
  • Describe applicability of ASHRAE Standard 15, Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems, requirements to VRF systems.
  • Review application of VRF systems in different building types.
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ASHRAE’s District Cooling Coming to India!
16 Feb (9 AM – 5 PM India)
This course presents practical guidance contained in two ASHRAE publications referenced above, ensuring that when designed and operated properly, DCS can be an energy-efficient alternative to conventional in-building chilled water plant adding to an owner’s sustainability portfolio and allowing the building owner to focus on their own business, rather than operating and maintaining a chilled water plant.
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