ASHRAE Announces Nominees for 2024-25 Slate of Officers and Directors

ATLANTA (January 22, 2024) — ASHRAE is pleased to announce its nominees for the 2024-25 slate of officers and directors.
Nominations for officers and directors were made by the ASHRAE Nominating Committee from a list recommended by individual members and from Chapters Regional Conferences.
The 2024-25 nominees are as follows:
  • President-Elect:
    • Bill McQuade, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, LEED AP
  • Treasurer:
    • Sarah Maston, PE, BCxP, LEED AP
  • Vice Presidents:
    • Devin Abellon, P.E.
    • Ken Fulk, P.E., Life Member ASHRAE
  • Directors and Regional Chairs:
    • Charles Bertuch, P.E. (Region I)
    • Genevieve Lussier (Region II)
    • Sherry Abbott-Adkins (Region III)
    • Rob Craddock (Region XI)
    • Bassel Anbari, P.E. (Region-at-Large)
  • Directors-at-Large:
    • Carrie Brown, Ph.D.
    • Patrick Marks, P.E.
    • David Yashar, Ph.D.
  • Alternate Director-at-Large:
    • Suzanne LeViseur, P.E., HBDP, Fellow ASHRAE
ASHRAE members will vote on the nominees via electronic ballot in May. M. Dennis Knight, P.E., BEMP, Fellow Life Member ASHRAE, will serve as ASHRAE President for the 2024-25 Society Year.
For more information on the 2024-25 slate of officers and directors, visit

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