January 18 HVAC&R Industry Newsletter T2
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January 18, 2024
Heating Innovation
In December, the U.K. government supported a proposal to standardize the use of heat pumps in new homes by 2025. Heat pumps are a cleaner alternative to gas boilers, which are responsible for 16% of the U.K.’s planet-warming pollution. To make this technology more accessible, the Swedish startup Aira intends to provide a monthly subscription service including installation and servicing. This business model aims to solve the problems of accessibility and reliability and has earned the startup the moniker “the Spotify of heat pumps.” Read more
Researchers in Iceland plan to drill into a volcano in what would be an ambitious scientific first. The core aim is to advance our scientific understanding of how magma behaves underground and what prompts volcanic eruptions. The team is also hopeful of being able to tap into a near-unlimited source of geothermal clean energy. Drilling on a second well at the Krafla magma chambers is expected to begin in 2028, with plans to tap into ultra-hot water stored at ultra-high pressures to drive turbines. Read more
Scientists in Iceland Plan to Drill Into a Volcano For Near-Unlimited Energy
Drilling on a second well at the Krafla magma chambers is expected to begin in 2028, with plans to tap into ultra-hot water stored at ultra-high pressures to drive turbines. Credit: Uldis Knakis | Getty Images
French car parts maker Valeo partnered with California’s ZutaCore to supply advanced cooling systems to data centers in a four-year commercial agreement. Valeo expects to supply ZutaCore with the first parts of the waterless liquid cooling system during the second quarter of the year. The two companies' system can cool powerful processors of 1,500 watts and more and is able to reuse some heat the processors give off. Read more
ASHRAE Journal
By Julio C. Guerrero, Ph.D., and William Morek, Ph.D., Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE
This article describes a system built in Perú, the CAT system, that could serve as a model for a sustainable energy solution for affordable off-grid residential heating in rural areas across the world. The system is based on a thermal energy solution for off-grid house heating in economically deprived areas without using photovoltaic cells, windmills, firewood or batteries. Download here
Empower and ASHRAE met in Dubai to formulate short- and long-term strategies and action plans towards the global expansion of the district cooling industry, with a focus on enhancing energy efficiency within the cooling and heating sector. The parties will meet a second time in Chicago, Illinois during the ASHRAE annual conference that will be held from January 20 to 24, 2024 to finalize the agreement on standardizing the District Cooling Guide, which is expected to be a key reference for District Cooling operators, consultants and industry experts to improve operational efficiency. Read more
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In Case You Missed It
Screams were heard from within a wall at a Georgia county jail last week, triggering security concerns and confusion by prison guards. Clayton County Sheriff Levon Allen said the man attempted his escape through the HVAC system of the facility. “This is just unbelievable," Allen said. "That young man did something that nobody has done in 24 years.” Now, the sheriff is putting new security measures in place in hopes of preventing this from happening again. Read more
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