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January 17, 2024
2024 AHR Expo Product Guide

Discover what industrial hygienists and professionals alike are calling “a game-changing solution.” Customizable, scalable, affordable monitoring with TSI OmniTrak™ Solutions. Forget about monitoring multiple parameters with separate instruments – with the TSI OmniTrak™ Solution, you can measure PM, VOC, formaldehyde, ozone, chlorine, ammonia, VOC-PID-PPB and CO all within a single device. Read more

The LG R32 Air-to-Water Heat Pump Monobloc is an all-in-one packaged outdoor unit with indoor and hydronic components built into the system. Hydronic components like the plate heat exchanger, expansion tank, water pump, flow sensor, pressure sensor, air vent valve, and safety valve are inside the unit. It connects to indoor spaces using water pipes, eliminating the need for refrigerant piping. Read more

Multi-Wing’s innovative fan-pack solutions are ideal for ventilation, refrigeration, freezers, agriculture and other applications. SMARTPACK™ advanced performance plug and play fan packs set a new standard for functionality, flexibility and efficiency with the lowest noise level. And with unlimited configurations, CUSTOMFAN™ products are engineered for fit and performance to exceed requirements. Read more

The LG High Temperature Hydro Kit system uses a refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger to produce chilled or heated water. The Hydro Kit can be used to preheat domestic water stored in an indirect storage tank, snow melt, in-floor, or other radiant heating systems. It can be used in conjunction with the Single-Phase or Three-phase Multi V Heat Pump or Heat Recovery outdoor units. Read more

We believe our approach and products provide clients an opportunity to reduce considerable soft cost and waste in your facility while receiving high performance and quality products. Our goal is to partner with you in the highest order to make the execution of a project as seamless as possible. That is our steadfast commitment. Click HVAC Access Doors – AJ Manufacturing (ajdoor.com) to learn more. Read more

At Bell & Gossett, we're striving toward best-in-class efficiency and sustainability through innovative solutions. Visit our booth at the AHR Expo 2024 to explore our commitment to energy-efficient products and decarbonization in the built environment. Plus, see our new integrated Xylem Smart Motor and variable speed drive intelligent pump solutions, offering simplicity, serviceability and sustainability in one compact package! Read more

LG’s Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) is an energy-efficient option to traditional gas or electric water heaters. With an efficiency rating of up to UEF 3.93—above ENERGY STAR® certification requirements—the HPWH can save up to 76% on energy costs when compared to a traditional electric heater. It’s available in 58- and 80-gallon capacities and features LG’s inverter heat pump technology. Read more

Check out FasTest at the 2024 AHR Expo in Chicago, Booth #N1831! FasTest will be demonstrating their new high-flow Access Ports and Connection Tools, alongside their fully automated Evacuation Cart, all designed for zero-emission processing and all fully compatible with 21st century, environmentally friendly refrigerants. New at the show will be FasTest's latest innovation: the CoreMax SV™, a Single Port Service Valve for Split System processing. We look forward to seeing you there! Read more

Improve indoor air quality (IAQ), and the performance of your air handling systems, with properly applied, proven, UVC equipment from American Ultraviolet. Standard products include the DC series for In-duct, CK /CC series for on-coil, and TB/SBTF series for Upper Air applications. If you have unique situations, please ask about our high-performance, custom, integrated UVC solutions. Read more

The Tempro Immersion Controller is manufactured to regulate and limit temperature of liquids inside water heaters, boilers, and other applications in which temperature control is required. Mounting style options include direct mount, remote sensor and immersion well, and temperature options range from 65°F to 240°F. These Tempro Immersion Controllers are a direct replacement option for the Honeywell Aquastat, and are stocked here in the U.S.! Contact Tempro today for a quote. Read more

SPX Cooling is introducing OlympusV, a new series of adiabatic CO2 gas coolers, condensers and fluid coolers designed to help operators meet water and energy efficiency goals. OlympusV products offer intuitive controls and innovative features for maximum cooling performance in either dry or wet mode. Visit Booth #6920 to see OlympusV in-person or discuss with our cooling & refrigeration experts. Read more

The highly anticipated AHR Expo is approaching fast! Join us Jan. 22 – 24 in booth S-7510 where we will showcase our latest HVAC product portfolio and demonstrate innovative technologies, including building automation and other digital solutions. Stop by to learn about the latest HVAC advancements and energy solutions. Read more

Unlike anything else on the market, these impact-ready cutter bits fit both Malco Sheet Metal Hole Cutters (HC1 or HC2), featuring a hex insert that allows trade pros to quickly install it into the chuck of any drill, or an impact driver for faster-than-average cutting times. Highly durable, the cutter bits feature a mill-type cutting edge, and the large flat allows for easy adjusting of the cutting-edge location by sliding the bit up or down, which also extends bit life. Read more

HybridAir, a groundbreaking new technology from Addison, seamlessly merges air, water and refrigeration into an exclusive air handling solution. Aligned with the broader goal of transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, this innovation effectively tackles the toughest hurdles of electrification and decarbonization challenges. new technology from Addison, seamlessly merges air, water and refrigeration into an exclusive air handling solution. Aligned with the broader goal of transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, this innovation effectively tackles the toughest hurdles of electrification and decarbonization challenges. Read more

ASHP Ecogreen Heat Pump Full Heat Recovery Simultaneous
Scroll R454B INVERTER 90 to 360 KBTU
Highest COP/ smallest footprint
Air Cooled & Water-Cooled Chiller
Heat Pump Water Source/Air Source
Heat Recovery Reclaim with the 4 Pipe Design Ecogreen Simplicity, it's the Option Bluetooth BACnet Heat Exchangers Options serviceable Shell and Pipe Titanium or copper, Brazed Plates, 40-ton modules up to 400. Read more

Are you looking for ways to improve your bottom line? FastDUCT® and FastPIPE® Mechanical Estimating Software can help you bid more efficiently! Our easy-to-learn software features on-screen takeoff and a large material library, making estimating quick, accurate and easy. Read more

At Copeland, sustainability isn’t a feature. It’s our focus. Through groundbreaking solutions, software, stewardship and expertise from more than 200 million installations, Copeland is helping to improve lives, minimize global warming and advance the transition to sustainable energy in ways that will forever change the industry. Visit us at booth S7110. Read more

Heat Pipe Technology’s proven SMART™ Water-Glycol Pump Systems offer better performance than stick-built energy recovery systems, while saving your time and eliminating responsibility for design. Our turnkey solutions can manage up to 18 individual airstreams from a single pump skid – with zero cross contamination. Plus, we offer U.S.-based engineering support. Read more

Get reliable flame-free joints in seconds with RLS – the original HVAC/R press fittings. Our proven track record, with more than 20 million fittings installed since 2015, is unmatched in the industry. That’s because our patented, double circular press creates a permanent mechanical joint every time. Visit our booth for live demos and watch our pressing competition at 1:00 Monday & Tuesday. Read more

Coilmaster is the name HVAC/R OEMs trust for coils, including fluid, steam, condenser, evaporator, refrigerated case and more. Our innovative designs and quality processes provide reliability you can count on to drive your equipment performance. Plus, multiple manufacturing locations – and responsive customer service – allow us to meet your delivery needs. Read more

The MSA FieldServer Gateway connects HVACR devices seamlessly to BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP networks, and is fully compliant with BTL V17. The gateway offers access to MSA Grid cloud services providing remote gateway management, dashboards, email/text notifications, and seamless data collection for analytics creating a cost-efficient, time-saving integrated system. Read more

Come with us on a journey toward a cooler, sustainable and more connected future. Welcome to the new Portacool Apex™ series, where technology, innovation and simplicity converge to shape the environment and breathe sustainable cooling into every space-be it your home, the workplace or any place where life unfolds. Powered by CoolSync™ Technology, sync your cooler to your smartphone, take total control from anywhere. Visit Booth S8736. Read more

LG’s Split Compact M3 DOAS with Multi V S® is a HVAC solution for outdoor air treatment, ideal for light commercial use where single-phase power is available. The unit has two refrigerant coils (main coil; hot gas reheat coil) to effectively heat, cool and dehumidify outdoor air. With its low-profile cabinet design, the indoor DOAS unit can be installed above a ceiling or in a mechanical closet. Read more

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