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December 7, 2023
Image from a Naked Energy installation site. Source: Naked Energy.
Heating and cooling needs account for 50% of energy demand, and using the Sun's heat directly is an effective method to curb fossil fuel requirements. A UK-based solar energy startup has a different way of tapping into the renewable source. Its approach can be classified as a solar thermal energy system that harnesses the heat from the Sun and uses it directly for heating applications instead of trying to store it in a battery. Read more
Governments launched new initiatives to bolster clean energy and to wean themselves off fossil fuels at the U.N. climate summit in Dubai, where countries grappled with how to halt the non-stop rise in planet-warming emissions. In one of the most widely supported initiatives, 118 governments pledged to triple the world's renewable energy capacity by 2030 as a way to reduce fossil fuels in the world's energy production.  Read more
Leading up to the 2024 AHR Expo in Chicago, AHR Expo officials asked their associations, manufacturers, engineers, contractors, distributors and thought leaders to sound off on the most impactful issues facing the HVAC&R industry. Read more
Liquid cooling started as a fringe technology but is becoming more common. Proponents hope the same holds true for immersion cooling. As AI and high-performance computing push the boundaries of heat generation, traditional air cooling methods are no longer viable. The two most common methods of liquid cooling are direct-to-chip cooling and rear door heat exchange. Both use liquid to draw away heat, but at no point does the equipment actually get wet. With immersion cooling, however, hardware is getting soaked like a dirty dish. Read more
In Other News
ASHRAE Journal
By Ryan Johnson, Member ASHRAE; Chris Burroughs, Associate Member ASHRAE
Stratified systems are a style of air distribution shown to improve air quality and energy savings, compared to traditional overhead mixed-air ventilation systems. This article reviews new research that compares the behavior of airborne particulates generated by an occupant in a typical office environment when ventilated with a stratified air system and a traditional overhead mixed-air system. Download here
ASHRAE is presenting innovative building decarbonization solutions at the ongoing 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28). The conference, hosted by the COP28 UAE Presidency, is taking place in Dubai from Nov. 30 to Dec. 12, 2023, and bringing together industry leaders, elected officials, policymakers, scientists and businesses to collaborate on climate action and shape a more sustainable future. Read more
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Control and automation solutions boost pump efficiency and optimize package performance.
Package Systems Prevent Energy Waste
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Heat Pipe Technology’s proven SMART™ Water-Glycol Pump Systems offer better performance than stick-built energy recovery systems, while saving your time and eliminating responsibility for design. Our turnkey solutions can manage up to 18 individual airstreams from a single pump skid – with zero cross contamination. Plus, we offer U.S.-based engineering support. Read more
Energy Recovery Made Easy!
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Coilmaster is the name HVAC/R OEMs trust for coils, including fluid, steam, condenser, evaporator, refrigerated case and more. Our innovative designs and quality processes provide reliability you can count on to drive your equipment performance. Plus, multiple manufacturing locations – and responsive customer service – allow us to meet your delivery needs. Read more
The Most Trusted Name in Coils.
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RLS press-to-connect fittings offer more consistency than brazing, with no flames and no fire hazards. UL listed to 700 psi for HVAC/R and field-proven since 2015, they connect in seconds – creating permanent and repeatable mechanical joints every time. Read more
In Case You Missed It
An advanced geothermal project has begun pumping carbon-free electricity onto the Nevada grid to power Google data centers there, Google announced. The International Energy Agency has long projected that geothermal could be a serious solution to climate change. It said in a 2011 roadmap document that geothermal could reach some 3.5% of global electricity generation annually by 2050, avoiding almost 800 megatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Read more
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