November 23 HVAC&R Industry Newsletter T2
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Shaping Tomorrow's Built Environment Today
November 23, 2023
Last week, lawmakers announced the filing of a bill that calls for every state prison in Florida to provide "a portable air conditioner or air-cooling system." Currently, most of Florida's state prisons do not have air conditioning. Bill sponsor, Rep. Angie Nixon, said it's about safety. Read more
Governments worldwide are pushing companies to alter their practices to decarbonize operations in line with green transition aims. In the U.S., the Biden administration is offering significant financial incentives for using carbon-cutting techniques, green energy sources and clean technologies through favorable climate policies. Read more
President Joe Biden is taking steps to combat climate change by allocating $169 million for electric heat pump projects. Utilizing his emergency authority under the Defense Production Act, this marks the first time a president has classified climate change as an emergency. The funds, derived from the Inflation Reduction Act, will be used to establish 15 manufacturing sites dedicated to producing heat pump components and units. Read more
ASHRAE Journal
By Ecton English, Member ASHRAE
In this column, basic steps for significantly improving cybersecurity practices are mapped out for HVAC professionals, with topics covering user access and network vulnerability, malware detection and prevention, and backing up critical control system software and information. Download here
ASHRAE has released its resource guide, “Grid-Interactive Buildings for Decarbonization: Design and Operation,” emphasizing the crucial role of grid interactivity in reducing carbon emissions. This guide, developed by ASHRAE’s Task Force For Building Decarbonization (TFBD), focuses on the synergy between buildings and the electric power grid to maximize carbon reduction. Read more
In Case You Missed It
Maine voters rejected a ballot measure to replace the state’s privately owned, for-profit electric utilities with a single publicly owned, nonprofit utility called Pine Tree Power. Utilities companies and elected officials in Maine had publicly opposed the proposal, while environmental advocates and other Maine representatives were in favor. It is not the first time that Mainers’ push for a publicly owned energy grid has failed. In 1973, voters struck down the creation of a Maine Power Authority, which would have put the power supply in the state’s hands. And in 2021, Democratic Gov. Janet Mills vetoed a bill from the state legislature to establish Pine Tree Power. Read more
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