November 9 HVAC&R Industry Newsletter T2
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Shaping Tomorrow's Built Environment Today
November 9, 2023
The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announced a $2 billion investment for more than 150 construction projects that use cleaner construction materials, known as “low-embodied carbon” (LEC) materials, as part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s Investing in America agenda. The funding will support projects across 39 states, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and will catalyze the market for American-made low carbon asphalt, concrete, glass and steel. The announcement furthers the Biden-Harris Administration’s Buy Clean Initiative, under which the federal government is, for the first time, prioritizing the purchase of asphalt, concrete, glass and steel that have lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions associated with their production, use and disposal. Read more
A team of researchers from UCLA has unveiled a first-of-its-kind stable and fully solid-state thermal transistor that uses an electric field to control a semiconductor device’s heat movement. Science magazine published the group’s study, detailing how the device works and its potential applications. With top speed and performance, the transistor could open new frontiers in heat management of computer chips through an atomic-level design and molecular engineering. The advance could also further the understanding of how heat is regulated in the human body. Read more
UCLA Researchers Develop Solid-State Thermal Transistor for Better Heat Management
Illustration of a UCLA-developed solid-state thermal transistor using an electric field to control heat movement.
Credit: H-Lab/UCLA
The rapid adoption of zero-emission electric vehicles will move the nation close to an 80% or more drop in transportation greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 from the 2019 level according to researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The researchers came to that conclusion after running thousands of computer simulations on the steps needed to decarbonize passenger and freight travel, which make up the largest contributor to greenhouse gases. While they advised that “no single technology, policy, or behavioral change” is enough by itself to reach the target, eliminating tailpipe emissions would be a major factor. Read more
Heat Pumps are Hot, but Commercial Retrofits Face Cold Realities
Heat pumps are gaining recognition across many parts of the U.S. for their energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to other heating and cooling options. The U.S. Climate Alliance recently pledged to increase heat pump installations across their states to reach 20 million by 2030. Facilities managers looking to deploy heat pumps in existing buildings are finding that cost concerns along with the significant work and disruption involved in a retrofit pose challenges. Read more
The U.S. has about 4.8 million heat pump installations, according to RMI. Credit: Leon Neal via Getty Images
In Other News
ASHRAE Journal
By Jamie Kono, P.E., Associate Member ASHRAE; Jim Gieselman, P.E., BEAP, Member ASHRAE; Meghan Kara McNulty, P.E., Member ASHRAE; Barry Abramson, P.E., BEAP, Life Member ASHRAE
Building ventilation rates have experienced an increase in public interest, fueled in part by COVID-19. But many commercial office buildings designed between 1981 and 1992 still lack sufficient ventilation. This article offers options for updating these building ventilation systems, including upsizing existing equipment and splitting building configurations into high-rise and low-rise systems. Download here
ASHRAE has released a new guide focusing on the critical role of grid interactivity in the decarbonization process. The Grid-Interactive Buildings for Decarbonization: Design and Operation Resource Guide is the second in a series of guides developed by the ASHRAE Task Force For Building Decarbonization (TFBD) and provides information on maximizing carbon reduction through buildings’ interaction with the electric power grid. Read more
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An Important Step in the Direction of Net-Zero
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In Case You Missed It
A “cooling pledge” to be unveiled at next month's COP28 climate summit will commit countries to slash cooling-related emissions 68% by 2050, according to a draft text seen by AFP on October 27. However, it remains unclear which countries will sign up to the pledge, and whether countries where demand for air conditioning is growing fast will participate. The Global Cooling Pledge commits signatories to work on “reducing cooling-related emissions across all sectors by at least 68% globally relative to 2022 levels by 2050.” Read more
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