October 24 ASHRAE Journal Newsletter
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October 24, 2023

By Supriya Goel, Associate Member ASHRAE; Reid Hart, P.E., Life Member ASHRAE; Michael Rosenberg, Fellow ASHRAE
ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2022 introduces a new system performance approach (the Mechanical System Performance Rating Method) as a new pathway for HVAC compliance. This method and the metric developed to express the efficiency of the HVAC system—the total system performance ratio (TSPR)—are discussed. Read more
Join David Schurk, Life Member ASHRAE, and ASHRAE Journal’s Technical Editor Rebecca Matyasovski as they discuss ways to avoid wet AHUs and how to move toward more sustainable HVAC systems.
Water Is Weird and Ice Wine Is Delicious With Joe Lstiburek
By Richard Bruns, Ph.D.
The risk assessment committee for ASHRAE Standard 241, Control of Infectious Aerosols, produced a model to predict the reduction in infections as airflow increased. But what are the estimated costs and benefits of operating in Standard 241’s infection risk management mode (IRMM)? In this column, the estimated costs and benefits of operating the IRMM in ASHRAE Standard 241 are explored. Read more
Columnist Andy Pearson dives into some of the most promising applications of artificial intelligence in the refrigeration industry. Read more

October 2023 Cover
October’s issue of ASHRAE Journal includes topics such as energy saving potential of active chilled beam system, engineering controls for occupational health risk administration and a deep carbon retrofit of a community center.

All articles and columns published in ASHRAE Journal since 1997 are available in pdf format at no cost to members through ASHRAE’s Technology Portal.
ASHRAE Job Board
Project Engineer UR Energy; Lost Creek, Wyo.
Senior Chiller Design Engineer Trane Technologies PLC; La Crosse, Wis.
Principal Automation Control Engineer Johnson & Johnson; Jacksonville, Fla.
Faculty, HVAC & Refrigeration Austin Community College; Austin, Texas
Electrical Engineer Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Livermore, Calif.
Electrical Engineer John Deere; Dubuque, Iowa
Electrical Controls Specialist Bimbo Bakeries USA; Houston, Texas
HVAC Technician 1 The University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Charlotte, N.C.
Lecturer in Electrical Engineering University of Vermont; Burlington, Vt.
Supplier Webinars
Drive Connections within Your Organization to Achieve Business Outcomes
Gather your team – this webinar is for building owners, facility managers and their teams, as well as financial decision making and sustainability focused roles. We’ll discuss how data can assist with benchmarking performance, setting goals, and demonstrate what success can look like when all team members are aligned from the performance of operations to the organizational outcome results.
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Leveraging Radiant and Hydronics to Achieve Decarbonization Goals
With energy efficiency being one of the four decarbonization pillars in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap, the goal of achieving a low-carbon economy and attaining carbon neutrality is possible with the use of radiant heating and cooling, hydronic hot-water heating, and chilled-water systems. Discover how thoughtful design with these durable, sustainable, polymer-piping based applications can provide a compelling solution for comfort, efficiency, air quality, and other IEQ benefits while also helping projects meet construction schedules and budgets.
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