ASHRAE Ireland Upcoming Seminars

March 25th 2021 
   Speaker: Chandra Sekhar        
Topic: Advanced Room Air Distribution Strategies for Effective Airborne Infection Control
Location: Goto Webinar

April 29th 2021         
Speaker: Jarek Kurnitski                   
Topic: COVID 19 Update REHVA
Location: Goto Webinar

May 13th 2021     
Speaker: Dru Crawley      
Topic: Big, Smart, and Everything: Data, Technology, Buildings, Cities, and the IoT
Location: Goto Webinar

June 3rd 2021
Speaker: Bjarne Olesen         
Topic: The European Approach to Decrease Energy Consumption in Buildings (EPBD)
Location: Goto Webinar

June 24th 2021
Speaker: IRI – Institute of Refrigeration Ireland      
Topic: Update to F-Gas 
Location: Goto Webinar

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