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ASHRAE\’s Mission and Vision

Mission: To serve humanity by advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and their allied fields.

Vision: A healthy and sustainable built environment for all.

Hi everyone and welcome to our quarterly newsletter.

Now that the days are getting longer, the weather milder and the country slowly opening up again, there is a lot of good reason for optimism.

I’m happy to report that feedback from members of ASHRAE Ireland, CIBSE, IGBC, IHEEM and RIAI is very positive.

In relation to business activity, the industrial sector is particularly strong, it includes mission critical (data centres), pharma, medical tec and micro-electronics industries.

Surprisingly, and welcome news from our members involved with the private commercial sector which involves office, hotels and residential, they are also busy and optimistic about the future, with a lot of projects proceeding and a lot of new apartments being built.

In the public sector, healthcare is naturally very busy at the moment with a lot of ventilation system upgrades.  In this regard, ASHRAE is at the forefront of research and has a lot of advice available.  COVID-19: Resources Available to Address Concerns (

ASHRAE is over 125 years in existence and has a lot of research and science to offer .

The importance of ventilation has never been talked about as much as it has in the past year.

I am honoured to be president of ASHRAE Ireland during these times, the information we have provided has helped to reduce infections and save lives.  In this respect our job is not done, we have to continue to promote best practice.

ASHRAE Ireland will continue with to provide relevant monthly on-line seminars, members and non-members are encouraged to attend, contribute and give feedback. Webinars – ASHRAE Ireland (

We shall continue to reach out to our contacts and encourage new memberships and student branches. Join ASHRAE!

I would like to mention the almost 100 ASHRAE Technical Committees.

Everyone can join and you don’t have to be a member of ASHRAE, just register on the website and join the Technical Committee that you are interested in Complete List of TCs with Home Pages (

It would be nice if every member of ASHRAE Ireland would join at least one Technical Committee.

Currently ASHRAE has 59 ongoing research projects.  The total value of these research projects is $10.6m.

It is hoped that Ireland will apply for more of this research fund: Research (

Finally and importantly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ASHRAE Ireland Board of Governors who give generously of their time to provide state of the art information and promote a healthy and sustainable built environment for all.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance.


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