Impact of Outdoor Environment on Natural and Mechanical Ventilation Performance – Dr. John Gallagher

On Thursday 13th August, we welcomed Dr. John Gallagher (Assistant Professor in Environmental Systems, Trinity College Dublin) to Part 5 of our COVID-19 Technical Mini-Series. John provided an insightful presentation on the \’Impact of Outdoor Environment on Natural and Mechanical Ventilation Performance\’. This presentation highlighted the complexity of designing and managing naturally ventilated spaces, due to myriad of physical and environmental factors of influence, and the interactions between them. Dr. Gallagher\’s pioneering work at TCD focuses on three key areas to improve our understanding and management of naturally and mechanically ventilated spaces – (1) Measure, (2) Model, and (3) Mitigate. His work aims to improve our understanding of the flow of airborne contaminants and aerosols in the outdoor and indoor environments as well as at the interface between them.

COVID is an immediate concern for providing adequate ventilation, but log-term indoor air quality challenges need to be addressed. We don\’t understand the impact of outdoor environmental conditions sufficiently when designing and operating natural and mechanical ventilation systems. Ensuring adequate ventilation in this COVID world is also a particular challenge in older buildings.

Dr. John Gallagher

We had great audience participation as usual, and received a lot of positive feedback for John\’s presentation. if you\’re interested, you can view the full presentation below. The slides are also available below:

Presentation Slides: [1] D. Coakley [2] J. Gallagher
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