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Managing HVAC Systems to Reduce Infectious Disease Transmission

18th July 2020 Daniel Coakley 0

On Thursday 16th July 2020, ASHRAE Ireland was honoured to welcome Prof. William Bahnfleth, Chair of ASHRAE’s Epidemic Task Force, to the third instalment of our COVID-19 Technical Seminar Series. The presentation covered a wide range of topics on HVAC-related infection control, and outlining practical guidance for the management of buildings and HVAC systems. Crucially, the guidance generally follows the precautionary principle – “One should take reasonable measures to avoid threats that are serious and plausible.”

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“Addressing the challenges of COVID-19 in Building Services” – Michael Curran (NUI Galway)

11th July 2020 David Keogh 0

Thursday the 2nd of July 2020 marked the second edition of ASHRAE Irelands technical mini series on COVID-19. The main objective of this series is to bring together a range of expert panelists from both industry and academia covering topics related to reducing the spread of airborne infections in the built environment with specific reference to COVID-19.