Heat Pumps for Commercial Applications

On 11th February, ASHRAE Ireland hosted a technical seminar on \”Heat Pumps for Commercial Applications\” at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT). The objective of this event was to showcase some heat pump technology and applications in Industrial and commercial buildings, as well as the benefits in today\’s environment, with a strong focus on increasing energy efficiency and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

The evening commenced with a presentation on Heat pumps for commercial applications where Andrew McEvitt presented some very interesting Heat pump products including the 4 pipe Multi purpose simultaneous heating and cooling heat pump and applications.

Donall O’Brien from EM3 presented on Heat pumps for industrial applications including ammonia applications,  Heat recovery, economics and financial support mechanisms in Ireland, and he shared a couple of very interesting case studies where industrial heat pumps were applied.

Graham McDermott from J&E Hall presented on Ammonia heat pumps for industry and did a deep dive into refrigerants, the science of heat pump engineering, recovering of low grade heat and converting to high grade heat through a heat pump, and some case studies of Large industrial heat pump applications.

We had a super turn out and there was great interaction from the audience, some of whom had travelled from as far away as Dublin for the Event. It was also great to see some students taking an interest.  There will be further discussion on this hot topic I am sure.

You can view the presentation slides from each of our speakers below:


We would like to extend our special thanks to our three guest speakers, Andrew McEvitt from Daikin Applied UK,  Donall O’Brien from EM3 Ltd., and Graham McDermott from J&E Hall International in London, who all travelled long distances to talk with us at this very topical event. 

Andrew McEvitt, Daikin Applied

Andrew McEvitt is the Area Manager for Ireland tasked with promoting Daikin Applied equipment in Ireland. Daikin is the leading specialist HVAC equipment supplier globally. He will be drawing on his 20+ years in the HVAC industry to talk about the available Heatpump technology, envelope of operation, applications, and the effect of new drivers, such as low GWP refrigerants, on the industry.

Donall O’Brien , EM3 Ltd.

Donall O’Brien, a former student of CIT, is a founding director of EM3, Irelands largest energy service providers focused on the industrial energy efficiency sector. Donall has been working extensively in energy efficiency solutions for over 15 years. Heat pumps have been a topical energy efficiency solution for many years now and EM3 have delivered several high profile heat pump solutions for industrial facilities in recent years. The focus of the presentation will be on applications of industrial heat-pumps and factors that determine the viability of heat pump projects. www.em3.ie

Graham McDermott, J&E Hall

Graham McDermott is the Director of J&E Hall’s Process Systems, Marine & Applied Refrigeration division. J&E Hall is a leading supplier of bespoke Chiller & Heat Pump packages worldwide and also of turnkey Refrigeration Installations in the UK. Graham has been working in the refrigeration industry for more than 20 years and has been with J&E Hall for 10 years. The market interest in Heat Pumps has increased significantly in recent years and J&E Hall have developed a range of High Pressure Compressors for use with Natural Refrigerants to meet this demand. The focus of the presentation will be on the use of High Temperature Ammonia Heat Pumps in industrial applications.

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