Polypropylene and Plastic Piping Systems in the Building Services Industry

Our second Cork event took place on 12th November at Cork Institute of Technology on the subject of “Polypropylene and Plastic Piping Systems in the Building Services Industry”.

Andrew Cutting, Aquatherm UK

This event was introduced by Jim Lacey of Irish Tube and Fittings who discussed the context of plastic pipe systems in the Irish built environment and the main presentation was delivered by Andrew Cutting, business development specialist with Aquatherm UK, who gave an insightful account of the development of plastic pipework within the building services industry, suitable applications, different jointing techniques and environmental benefits.

New apprentice!

The presentation focussed on fusion welding jointing methods and this was illustrated to great effect by Andrew’s colleague Ashley Westman , developer of  Aquatherm’s industry training programme, who invited the audience to make a socket weld on a section of pipe. Each welded section was later cut in half to demonstrate that even absolute novices could produce a fully-fused weld!

Andrew Cutting, Pat McEnroy, Ashley Westman, Jim Lacey, Michael Dawkins

The presentation was closed by a lively Q&A session and a vote of thanks from Chapter President Michel Dawkins.

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