ASHRAE Region XIV Chapters Regional Conference (CRC)

In 2017, the new ASHRAE European region (Region XIV) was founded as the representative organisation for its European activities. Currently, there are 8 chapters (including the Ireland Chapter) and three Sections in Region XIV. For more details, see

ASHRAE Region XIV organised its first Chapter Regional Conference (CRC) in Belgrade Serbia, December 8-10, 2017. The event brought together delegates, members, decision makers and technical experts from all of the European ASHRAE chapters, as well as ASHRAE officials from Atlanta, GA, USA. The event was attended by both the ASHRAE President Prof. Bjarne Olesen and ASHRAE Vice-President, Shelia Hayter.

The overall aim of the CRC was to foster and enhance the activities of the Region chapters and section through increased engagement and collaboration. The CRC provided a series of orientation and training courses for the various chapters and sections over a weekend period.



Two delegates from the Irish Chapter attended: Donal Finn and Adam O’Donovan, where they gave presentations and updates on the activities of the Irish Chapter for 2017. In addition, they participated in the various training and networking activities over the weekend. Delegates from the other European Chapters were particularly interested in the Irish Chapter evolution over the past three years, particularly in its development and progression since inception. All in all, approximately 75 attendees were at the CRC.

Two awards were received by ASHRAE Ireland members, including Ken Goodman and Simeon Oxizidis, one for outstanding service and the other for the establishment of the Irish Chapter, respectively.

The Irish Chapter would like to gratefully acknowledge the financial support received from ASHRAE, Atlanta, USA, which enabled the Irish delegates to attend the CRC event.

The next Region XIV CRC meeting will be held at Loughborough University, UK, Sept 5-7, 2018.

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