SEAI Tender for Energy Projects


SEAI are tendering for consultants to advise public bodies on a wide range of energy related issues. The services are across 5 lots detailed below. Lot 2 maybe of special interest to CIBSE members, especially in the context of NZEB, building labelling, building modelling, energy efficient design and general technology specific expertise.

As well as the work opportunities, there is the opportunity to be involved and aware of developments in these areas, and of early trials and pilots of new national approaches and projects. As we know the standard M&E design model is changing and will continue to change. This is in response to stronger legislation and clients demands for stronger links between design and as built performance. Public bodies, through this framework, will be supported to lead initiatives in pursuit of high performing buildings and facilities.

Closing date for submissions: 3rd July, 12pm, 2017,


  • Lot 1: Energy management (EM) specialists will undertake several diverse roles, including supporting Public Bodies to develop, continually improve and implement their energy management programmes. They will also facilitate the delivery of SEAI’s wider suite of services to Public Bodies and provide specialist advanced expertise in specific defined energy management fields to Public Bodies.
  • Lot 2: Project evaluation specialists will identify, quantify and analyse opportunities for energy saving projects within Public Bodies, with an emphasis on projects that go beyond behavioural change and low-hanging fruit.
  • Lot 3: Project delivery experts will mentor Public Bodies directly on the delivery of energy projects by assisting them through formal project development processes.
  • Lot 4: Financial and energy contracting advisors for energy projects will provide specialist advice to Public Bodies, and directly to SEAI, with respect to the financing and energy contracting of energy projects (in particular Energy Performance Contracting and Local Energy Supply Contracting), and especially large-scale energy efficiency projects.
  • Lot 5: Communications and event coordinators will assist SEAI with the dissemination of energy management best practice to the PS through inter alia networking, events and working groups

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