Privacy Policy

I. Privacy Policy

ASHRAE members and others have noted the importance of privacy and confidentiality in providing and accessing information directly to ASHRAE and in using the ASHRAE web site. ASHRAE has established policies relating to the gathering and sharing of information, as outlined herein.

It is ASHRAE’s policy to keep personal information collected by ASHRAE confidential, and to not sell, rent, loan, or otherwise disclose such information to third parties, except as described in this Privacy Policy, unless permission is obtained from the user or as required by a lawful court order or subpoena. Use of member contact information by volunteers conducting ASHRAE activities, under the safeguards outlined herein, is not considered third party use. Also, sharing of contact information, under the safeguards outlined herein, may be considered a requirement of volunteer involvement.

ASHRAE seeks to use commercially reasonable managerial and technical precautions to help protect the security and integrity of the personal information collected directly by ASHRAE or through the Internet. Regardless of the precautions taken by you or by ASHRAE, ‘perfect security’ does not exist at ASHRAE or on the Internet. ASHRAE cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit directly to ASHRAE or from its website, hence you transmit such information at your own risk.


II. No Collection of Information from Children

ASHRAE does not intend to collect personal information from children who identify themselves as being less than 18 years of age. Children should not submit any personal and/or private information directly to ASHRAE or on the ASHRAE web site, and should ask their parents to submit a request on their behalf if they want to receive information related to the web site.


III. Privacy Practices of Other Sites

This Security and Privacy Policy addresses the use and disclosure of information ASHRAE collects directly from our members, our customers or online through the web site, Note: that the ASHRAE web site may include links to the sites of ASHRAE’s business partners, sponsors, advertisers, or others. ASHRAE is not responsible for the content or the security and privacy policies of these other sites, which may be different from ASHRAE’s security and privacy practices.

Also, this Security and Privacy Policy does not apply to sites of any ASHRAE chapter, region, student branch, technical committee or other group affiliated or associated with the Society.


IV. The Information We Collect


  1. Browser information collected on the ASHRAE web site:ASHRAE analyzes our site logs to continually improve the value of the content and services available on the site. In general, our site automatically gathers certain usage information, like the number and frequency of visitors to ASHRAE and to particular portions of the site. Our site logs are not personally identifiable, and we do not attempt to link them with the individuals who actually browse the site.

    As you click through the pages on the ASHRAE site, our server logs information about your session on the site. This includes such information as the site address from which you came, the browser you are using, the country from which you are accessing the Internet, the time and date of your visit, how long your session lasted, what pages you visited, and your Internet Provider (IP) address.

    ASHRAE logs IP addresses for systems administration and troubleshooting purposes. (Your IP address indicates the location of your computer on the Internet.) We do not log IP addresses to track your session, nor do we link IP addresses to any personally identifiable information except when recording IP addresses when members or customers chose to purchase IP access to ASHRAE literature.

    We use the information from our server logs to learn about our visitors as a group, not about you as an individual. This information helps us identify overall usage patterns and trends on the site. We may use this information for any of the following purposes:

    • Identify how much traffic various areas of the site receive.
    • Identify peak and off-usage times and days.
    • Identify which other sites send visitors to our site.
    • Determine the number of visitors from various countries.
    • Optimize the site for common browsers used at the site.
    • Track results of promotional campaigns.
    • Provide reports to advertisers on how many clicks their advertisements receive.


  2. Information you provide in forms:There are many different methods that enable you to interact with ASHRAE: order products, apply for and renew membership, subscribe to periodicals, communicate with different committees, register for meetings and events, etc. This includes information collected when you register and login to various areas of the ASHRAE web site, mail or fax information to ASHRAE. When you use online forms, you voluntarily provide us with information that can include your name, ASHRAE Member and PIN numbers, home and work postal addresses, title, organization name, the industry you work in and the type of work you do, home and work phone numbers, home and work fax numbers, and home and work e-mail addresses for starters. We may gather other information depending on the nature of the form.

    We may use the information you provide to inform you of new products and upcoming events that may be of interest to you, based on your participation in ASHRAE, your interests in our products and activities, and industry codes you selected.

    Information that we gather with our online forms is often similar or identical to the information that we gather with our traditional printed forms. In addition to basic contact data, other information requested for forms on the ASHRAE web site can include but is not limited to:

    1. Membership forms: We use the information you provide on membership forms to process your membership. Some of the information we may ask you to provide includes:
      • Your ASHRAE member grade, ASHRAE membership and PIN numbers (advancement forms only)
      • Your membership in other associations
      • Your involvement in ASHRAE: offices held, committees served on, etc.
      • Your educational background: schools you attended, graduation dates, areas of study, extracurricular activities
      • Your professional background: employers and their contact information, positions held and dates, responsibilities, etc.
      • Your personal and professional references
    2. Member login information: We use this information to control access to various restricted content on the site. Your level of access depends on your role with ASHRAE. When you log in, security technology is used to send your Member and PIN numbers (both of which are located on your Membership Card) over the Internet to ASHRAE. You will need:
      • Your Member number
      • Your PIN
    3. Bookstore and Document Download forms:
      We use this information to process your order. The kind of information we collect includes:

      • Items you are purchasing
      • Your billing and shipping addresses
      • Your credit card type, number, and expiration date
    4. Event registration forms:
      We use the information you provide on event registration forms to register you for the events you request. The kind of information we collect includes:

      • Type of event, such as meeting, seminar, course
      • Who you are: Member, Non-Member, Student Member, Life Member, etc.
      • Any event components you want to attend: banquet, tour, luncheon, etc.
      • Any special accommodations you require
    5. E-mail List Servers:
      ASHRAE maintains several e-mail list servers to keep our members and customers informed. If you are an ASHRAE volunteer, you may have an alias assigned to you. Individuals must specifically ask to join our list servers by subscribing on the site or by contacting ASHRAE staff directly. Except in the case of a Change of Control Event as defined below, we do not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease the addresses on our list servers to anyone. In addition, it is our policy to configure list server software to help ensure that it will not divulge the e-mail addresses of our list subscribers to anyone, including other list subscribers, except authorized ASHRAE staff. Information we collect includes:

      • Name
      • E-mail address
    6. Award nomination forms:
      Individuals may nominate you for ASHRAE awards using hard copy forms or using forms on the ASHRAE site. We use the information collected on award nomination forms to evaluate nominees. In addition to your contact information, details collected may include:

      • Engineering accomplishments
      • Honors and awards
      • Publishing history
      • Patents
      • Education
      • Membership in other associations
      • Work experience
    7. Scholarship applications:
      We use the information you provide on scholarship applications to process your scholarship. Information we may collect includes:

      • Educational and employment record
      • What scholarship you are requesting
      • Years needed to complete your degree, expected graduation date
      • References
      • Advisor’s name
    8. Biographical Record Form:
      We use the information you provide to evaluate qualifications for nominations for Society, regional and chapter office, honors and awards, and council/committee appointments. This information is made available only to the Nominating Committee, the BOD Nominating Committee, and to members of the approving bodies.

      • Regional nominating committee members (Delegates and Alternates) are given password-protected access for a specified period of time for their region only, immediately before and after the Chapters Regional Conference where the nominations for office and honors and awards are determined.
      • Biographies and bias forms for the Standards Committee are made available to members of approving bodies when considering candidates for membership on a project committee, or for other official needs, such as nomination for the Standards Achievement Award. This information may also be made available at the meetings for viewing by project committee members at the SPC & SSPC meetings but no duplication or data sharing is allowed.In addition to your contact information, details collected may include but are not limited to:
      • Engineering accomplishments
      • Honors and awards
      • Publishing history
      • Patents
      • Education
      • Membership in other associations
      • Work experience
    9. Standards Expediting and Travel Expense Data:
      ASHRAE Rule of the Board, Book 1, 520-166-015 and 700-170-001 reads “ASHRAE shall not release any Standards expediting and travel expense data information to individuals or to other parties outside of the Society.
  3. Information you provide when you send us e-mail:There are numerous e-mail links on the ASHRAE site enabling you to send e-mail to individuals or groups. When you send us an e-mail and request a response, we use the e-mail address you have provided to respond to your inquiry. We periodically log the nature of e-mail requests we receive, which helps us analyze visitor interests overall and identify areas for improvement on the site.
  4. Information you provide when you participate in ASHRAE’s e-mail alias program:You must provide your Member and PIN numbers when you sign up for an ASHRAE e-mail alias address. In order to activate an e-mail alias account, you must agree to the E-mail Alias License Agreement. You are entirely responsible if you do not maintain the confidentiality of your alias. Furthermore, you are entirely responsible for any and all activities that occur under your alias.

V. Security Technology

ASHRAE uses security technology when you send credit card and login information to us. In addition, secure servers are used to encrypt the personal information you provide in many of the forms on the ASHRAE site.

We encrypt credit card information that you enter when it is transmitted in secure mode. If you are behind a firewall, some features of your browser and the processing of the credit card may be blocked.

If you still feel uncomfortable submitting your credit card over the Internet or if you are unable to do so due to firewall limitations, you can fax or mail your form to us at Fax (404) 321-5478 or Mail ASHRAE, 1791 Tullie Circle. NE, Atlanta, GA 30329 USA.


VI. How We Use the Information We Collect

We may check the information you have provided during the shopping process or via any of our forms against any information we have about you in our customer database. We do this to help ensure that we maintain the most current and accurate information about you as a valued customer.

Our database may contain your name, title, affiliation, industry classification, address, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail address, if you provide them. We also record your Member and PIN numbers, as well as information about your participation in ASHRAE, such as any offices you hold; what committees, councils, boards, task groups or task forces that you serve or have served on; your membership status; meetings you have attended, products you have purchased, events you have registered for, etc.


We may use this information to process any transactions you request to inform you of new products and upcoming events, for the development of committee rosters, chapter rosters, and chapter reports. In addition, the local chapters may use this information for chapter record maintenance, distribution of chapter newsletter and information about chapter activities, chapter dues billings, etc., and ASHRAE committees may use this information for committee activities. Access is given to volunteer leaders of respective committees, chapters and regions for use in conducting ASHRAE business only in accordance with guidelines contained in a document entitled “Society Contact Data Availability” approved by ASHRAE’s Board of Directors.

We store all personal information on our secure server. It is ASHRAE’s policy not to reveal any personal information to any third party without the owner’s permission with the exception of, but not limited to, the following:

  • ASHRAE Journal may provide user identification to Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) for audit purposes.
  • Committee rosters are to be released only to members listed on each respective roster for use in conducting ASHRAE business only. Standards Project Committee rosters are not to be released to anyone not on the roster. Roster cover sheets are released to anyone upon request. This sheet lists all members of a Project Committee, his/her company, interest category, bias and conflict of interest status, and voting status. This sheet does not include contact information.
    Technical Committee rosters published on the ASHRAE web site are only to include member name, affiliation and committee position. Additional contact information is only to be posted if that information comes from the affected party with written permission to post it. However, full contact information is to be posted for Technical Committee chairs.
  • When in the execution of ASHRAE-sanctioned activities, third parties are acting on ASHRAE’s behalf.
  • ASHRAE may allow one time use of postal addresses with member permission by third parties for the purpose of making members aware of such activities as technical conferences, educational opportunities, new products and technological advancements. We do not make email addresses available for this purpose.
  • ASHRAE reserves the right to contract with other vendors to assist with its business processes, its services, and this website, and to provide personal information to such vendors as necessary for them to provide or assist with the services for which they have been retained.
  • ASHRAE may provide or transfer personal information to one or more third parties in the event of a “Change of Control Event”, meaning that all or part of ASHRAE, or all or part of the assets of ASHRAE, are acquired by, merged with, sold to, or otherwise disposed of to one or more third parties (including, without limitation, in the event of bankruptcy).

ASHRAE uses the information it collects to improve its marketing and promotional efforts, to improve its content, and to customize this site’s services, content, and layout. ASHRAE may use the information it collects through this site to inform you of new services, changes, or promotions. If you do not want us to send you this type of information, please let us know by contacting us at Atlanta Headquarters. We will not disclose your personal information collected to third parties except as described in this Security and Privacy Policy without first informing you of such change in our disclosure practices and providing you a choice regarding such disclosure.


VII. Use of ‘Cookies’ at the ASHRAE Site

Our web site uses cookies to deliver content specific to users’ interests and to honor their preferences. We use this information to assist us in creating a site that will serve the needs of our users. A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user’s hard drive that contains information about the user. Usage of a cookie is not linked to any personally identifiable information while the user is visiting our site. Once the user closes their browser, the cookie simply terminates from our server. For instance, by setting a cookie on our site, the member would not have to log in their Member and PIN numbers more than once. If a user rejects the cookie, they may still use the site but in order to access any areas reserved for ASHRAE members they will have to reenter their member and PIN numbers each time they access an area reserved for ASHRAE members.

When you order products on the ASHRAE site or log into specific areas of the site such as list servers or content protected for member access only, our server puts a ‘cookie’ on your computer. In addition, the ASHRAE site carries banner advertisements from third-party ad servers that may or may not use cookies.

You can disable the cookies feature on your browser or erase the contents in your cookies file. To do this, consult the Help features in your program manager and browser. However, if you disable the cookies feature on your browser, it may adversely affect your ability to access or utilize certain areas of the site.

ASHRAE may be required to provide personal information about any of its users to law enforcement or government agencies if requested and/or, as we deem necessary.


VIII. Contacting ASHRAE About Your Personal Information

If you would like to review the personal information that ASHRAE has collected about you in order to verify its accuracy and completeness, or if you have a question or complaint regarding ASHRAE’s privacy practices, or to request that ASHRAE delete your personal information from its records, please contact Member Services Department at ASHRAE at 404-636-8400.

ASHRAE Members Responsibilities

As a member of ASHRAE and/or a member of the ASHRAE Board of Directors, council, committee, task group, task force, region or chapter, you may be given access to information that ASHRAE believes to be confidential, proprietary, or copyrighted. You may use this information for a multitude of purposes for your specific, focused work on behalf of the Society. However, you are not permitted to transfer, email, fax, copy or share this information with others, except to support the specific and focused work of your Board, council or committee, without the explicit written permission of the ASHRAE cognizant staff member and the cognizant ASHRAE member or user. Confidential and proprietary materials, such as biographical records, shall be destroyed when the task that required their use is complete.

Members shall not disclose any confidential, proprietary, personal, sensitive, inappropriate, or copyrighted material to any other person within the organization or outside the ASHRAE organization without prior approval from the ASHRAE cognizant staff member. Members shall not use information or material received for personal gain.

No information discussed during the course of an ASHRAE meeting that has been called in “Executive Session”, should be disclosed or discussed in any way, verbal or written, with any other person outside of that meeting, including but not limited to spouses, friends, colleagues, other members, or non-members.


IX. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability



X. Acceptance of and Changes to This Security and Privacy Policy

Use of this site signifies that you have read, comprehend and accept all provisions of this Security and Privacy Policy. ASHRAE reserves the right to change this Security and Privacy Policy in any manner at any time without prior notice. Please consult the Security and Privacy Policy regularly.


This Security and Privacy Policy will be governed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Georgia, United States of America, notwithstanding any principles of conflicts of law. Any legal action relating to this Security and Privacy Policy or pertaining to the subject matter hereof must be brought in the state or federal courts in Georgia and you specifically consent to personal jurisdiction in Georgia in connection with any such dispute. This Security and Privacy Policy constitutes ASHRAE’s entire policy relating to the subject matter hereof and may not be amended except in a specific written amendment to this policy formally approved by the ASHRAE Board of Directors.