UCD Sustainable Smart Cities & Communities symposium

The UCD Sustainable Smart Cities & Communities symposium, hosted in UCD on the 4th December 2019, was aimed at providing a vision of future sustainable cities and communities, where each component not only aims to maximise its efficiency, but it cooperates and interacts with the others as a whole. The Symposium covered topics such: Sustainable Energy Communities, Consumer and Prosumer Behaviour, Buildings, IoT, Data Analytics, Transport, Renewable Energies, Energy Generation and Management, Water Treatment and Recycling. All these areas are profoundly interconnected target areas of interventions, which can lead to significant improvements to the city ecosystem and path towards decarbonisation and sustainability.

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As a contribution to the symposium, ASHRAE Ireland organised a parallel technical workshop on Smart Building Technologies. The workshop was intended to provide insights on building energy systems integration, energy storage, renewable energies, energy flexibility and demand response, control and optimisation, building design and modeling.

The symposium the participation of experts from the European Commission, Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland, Dublin City Council, Dublin Energy Agency (CODEMA) and international guests from Italy, France, UK and USA. More than 100 people registered and joined the symposium, contributing to a very successful and informative event.


View the full Agenda Here

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